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ABOUT Alyce Paris

The story of Alice Marie-Thérèse Hamm’s aspiration to dress the modern-day Cinderella begins in war-torn eastern France in 1942.  Alice had unusually ambitious dreams for a young 12-year old girl. She desired to make all women look beautiful, so she harnessed her entrepreneurial instinct by hand-making elegant dresses for the local ladies out of her mother’s draperies and tailoring shirts for her town’s farmers.  

But Alice soon grew frustrated by her small town’s limitations. In 1945, she shifted her earnest focus to the local design school in Saverne, Alsace.  Alice excelled as a student in a design school run by strict nuns.  Upon graduating at age 19, she was hired immediately by the school to teach couture, patternmaking, and draping techniques.  

Inspired by the intense enthusiasm surrounding Christian Dior’s revolutionary New Look (1947), Alice realized that she really needed to become a dressmaker in Paris.  So, in 1952 at age 22, Alice’s fearless ambition led her to the City of Lights.  In Paris, Alice first worked as a costume designer, then enrolled in the École de Coupe to crystallize her dream of becoming successful in the United States, where her own mother had worked from 1923 to 1928.



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